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Emma Thompson warmly thanking her husband while accepting the Empire best actress award (x)

True love.

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The Doll Test

This self hate thing is DEEP

this makes me mad 

This is a compilation of doll tests featuring children of many races.

This is so fucking important

That’s so sad D:

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Let’s take a moment


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For klainecrisscolferwilsonlove who requested a second part to this oneshot I wrote based off of A Great Big World’s song, Already Home. Enjoy! 

It’s Chris’ last night in New York, and Darren is still high off the shock that Chris is actually here.  He’s tired, but he doesn’t dare fall asleep. He and Chris just lie on his bed, talking and breathing in one another. Neither of them can believe that the week is already over. The last thing Chris wants to do is go back to Los Angeles and Darren doesn’t want to see him go. But they push those thoughts out of their minds and enjoy the precious moments they have left together.

“Did you have fun?” Darren asks softly. Chris smiles and nods. “What was your favourite part?”

Chris pauses to think for a moment. “The food,” he says, then quickly adds, “and you, of course.”

Darren laughs. It’s deep and bubbly and real. The kind of laugh that invites you in. Chris is going to miss the way his laugh sounds; his real laugh, not the one distorted by signals and distance. He’s going to miss everything about Darren—the way he smells, the way he looks in the morning, the feeling of his skin, his smile, his eyelashes. He wishes he could freeze this moment in time and admire Darren forever.

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